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"Do things effectively and optimised to the best result."

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"A quick search for information, an urgent message to a business partner or holiday greetings to a friend's e-mail account - the exchange via internet belongs almost to our daily activities." InWEnt gallery

Datacom Informatika is interested in promoting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to realize the potentials of using the internet and market globally. We are currently advising client companies to adopt easily to adapt ICT facilities.

Our company is doing professional IT-services, such as company assessments including general management tasks and day-to-day activities as well as preparing standard operating procedures (SOPs); it also offers product assistance related to enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer maintenance and ICT training material deployment and courses.

Find us if you need to update on general management practices, to improve and perform more effectively, learn how to minimize budget costs, and explore how ICT can help omit unnecessary expenses.